happy valentine’s day assholes

so beautiful

Wow, Valentine’s day.

Yet another way that society/capitalism co-opts an aspect of your personal life and tries to tell you how to do it. If you are “in love” then on Valentine’s Day you are meant to do something special within the bounds of what can be bought and sold. For example it is expected that you will go out for a fancy dinner and the man will buy the lady some flowers or chocolates or jewellery or lingerie.

It’s all about convention and the idea that if you adhere to such convention it means you are in love, or that your man is a “good husband” or boyfriend or whatever if he does something nice for you on valentine’s day like buys you some shit you don’t need.

I find it infuriating because being in love is not actually about what you can buy someone on one stupid socially determined day, it’s not about “making them feel special” on this one lousy day of the year. It’s about treating someone with respect and wanting to do nice shit for them every goddam day of the year.

Valentine’s day has become a materialistic tradition and is ultimately a cheesy, contrived experience of “love” for people who don’t have faith in their own ideas of how to express affection and need to be told by the industries who profit. Roses!!! Diamonds!!! Something you can buy at the shop. That will do it.

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